Trafalgar Castle School

Trafalgar Castle School wanted help operating their sound system for their musical productions. The previous year they had had nothing but feedback and an inaudible show that had everybody cringing.

The problem was that most of the equipment they had purchased was inappropriate for the application - the speakers were too large and in the wrong positions, the stage mics could not be positioned properly and the five plastic wireless mics proved to be completely unusable.

By providing a sound design incorporating very small vocal-range speakers, properly located, tuned and time-aligned, as well as the right wireless mics, this year's play, The Little Shop of Horrors was a great success. The kids put on a wonderful show and the parents enjoyed an entertaining night out.

The school has bought the key components, with plans to expand the system as their budget allows.

The existing sound system will be used by the students for day-to-day use and music playback.