Albert Campbell Collegiate

Albert Campbell Collegiate had some existing sound equipment when the new drama teacher arrived. The kids knew more about it than he did, but it seemed to be pieces of gear that were carried from room to room and set up in a somewhat random fashion. For assemblies in their large hall the voice never seemed clear, and when the kids wanted to play music for their fashion shows it always seemed overly loud, but without the real bass that they wanted, and again, the voice-over was never clear. When they moved to the cafetorium for their drama presentations nothing seemed to work very well.

Over the course of the year we have done a workshop training session on the proper set-up and operation of their equipment, successfully augmented the sound with a sub-woofer speaker system, incorporated stage microphones for their drama productions and installed permanent speaker positions in both the large hall and the cafetorium, which has resulted in clear intelligible sound in both rooms. We have also established permanent mix positions in both halls, so the equipment is not being damaged and the quality and operation stays consistent.

"The system sounds great" - Colin MacLellan.

Don Barber Sound: Albert Campbell