Pickering College

Pickering College needed a sound system primarily for their morning assemblies as well as for public meetings and PowerPoint presentations. They had identified a $7,000 budget.

Along with voice from a podium microphone and a wireless lapel mic, the principal wanted to be able to play appropriate music for occasions such as Christmas, Remembrance Day, birthdays etc. This would come from CDs or a laptop as well as from a DVD player in conjunction with their projector.

The Drama teacher wanted to have voice reinforcement for stage productions.

The solution was to provide a simple mixer mounted in the podium with a high-quality Countryman podium mic, a Sennheiser wireless lapel mic - both of which will work very well on stage - and a CD/DVD player and laptop input.

Six studio monitor-quality Mackie speakers were mounted in the ceiling. The back pair of speakers can be time-aligned for reinforcing stage mics to the rear of the hall.

"This sound system is the best thing to happen at the school this year" - The Principal. And it came in $1,000 below budget, including design and consulting fees.

Also did video projector application consulting for Graduation Ceremonies.

Don Barber Sound: Pickering Podium