St. Michael’s CSS

St. Michael’s CSS, Niagara was building a new school. The Principal wanted a sound system in their cafetorium that would accommodate their graduation ceremonies as well as musical and theatre events, movies, assemblies and town hall meetings. They also had a gym, a chapel, a weight room and a Drama Room, all of which had requirements for audio and video systems.

The problem was no allowance had been made in the building budget either for audio equipment or the support wiring required.

Adding everything to the existing building electrical contract would have been cost prohibitive.

A two step process was determined. First, the requirements for conduit which had to be installed during building construction was established, keeping these costs to a minimum. Then, equipment specifications and installation design specifications were established that will allow the school to accomplish everything they want to do as budgets allow. The Principal can do everything he and his staff want to do in the future and the construction manager can get his building finished on budget (at least as far as the sound is concerned).