Kingsway College

Kingsway College School has just received their new sound system. It provides easy control for 2 wireless microphones, 2 podium microphones and 2 hanging stage mics and a CD player. Thanks to the very wide 150 degree coverage of the Renkus Heinz TRX 62 speaker the entire audience area receives clear audio from a single speaker. A spare amplifier channel allows for additional speakers to be added if higher volume or deeper bass response is desired. To accomplish their upcoming production of Oliver it will be a simple matter of plugging in a larger mixer and adding additional wireless microphones for the large cast. The system was installed complete for under $16,000 taxes included.

Equipment List

  • 2 Shure SLX UHF wireless microphones with Hand Held and Lavalier transmitters
  • 2 Countryman Isomax IV podium mics
  • 2 Audio Technica 8615 stage bases
  • 2 Countryman Isomax II overhead stage mics
  • 1 Tascam CDO-1U CD Player
  • 1 Rane MLM103 Mixer
  • 1 Rane ME30B 1/3rd octave Equalizer
  • 1 Crest CPX 900 Amplifier
  • 1 Renkus Heinz TRX 62 speaker
  • 1 Middle Atlantic DWR-16-17PD locking rack with Plexiglass door
  • 1 Raxxess 3U locking storage cabinet
  • 1 Rapco Lti 100 laptop interface
Don Barber Sound: Kingsway College Rack
Don Barber Sound: Kingsway College Speaker