Eastminster United Church

Eastminster United Church in Toronto had a sound system that had been installed only a few years ago. It was comprised of top quality equipment from Yamaha, Shure, QSC, and included 18 JBL speakers distributed around the church.

Eastminster has a wonderfully rich acoustic that is very complimentary to music but is problematic for speech intelligibility.

The biggest problem was all those speakers created a mass (a mess?) of multi-path sound sources and reflections, none of which originated from the pulpit or lectern positions.

The other problem was that the system had been set to run "automatically" with all settings fixed and locked in a cupboard. This is an unrealistic expectation given the many variables involved with live microphones and compounded by the fact that the new ministry team wanted the freedom of movement that wireless microphones could provide.

The existing QSC amplifiers were redeployed. The JBL speakers were replaced with two small Renkus-Heinz CFX61 speakers; (two JBL speakers were maintained for the choir and one in the lobby).

A control position was established in the church with a Yamaha MG166cx mixer.

Two Sennheiser wireless lavs were provided for the ministers along with two hand held mics for general purpose use.

Now the voices are all very easily heard and the choir still sounds good.